Private Equity Financial Services
Private Equity Financial Services - Business activities

Private Equity- and Venture Capital-portfolio companies are temporary yet long-term investments and are subject to strict selection criteria. Typically, one expects to be able to realize values after 5-7 years. However, Private Equity goes beyond providing mere temporary capital: it tends to be a long term partnership in which corporations can profit from the investor's experience and network.

During such a partnership, both parties carry immense responsibilities – for themselves and for others. The entrepreneur wishing to realize his/her visions, needs to provide for his/her own economic well being as well as for that of his/her employees. The investors are committed primarily to their own financial partners who, with full justification, look for optimal returns on investment within defined risks. In order to ensure a successful conclusion of such partnerships it is paramount for the corporation to accomplish its own ambitious goals without sacrificing the balance of value creation and ethically and socially responsible management.

Thanks to its proven knowledge of capital market-oriented corporate management and Private Equity business and analytical abilities PEFS is capable of being successful both on the corporate as well as on the investor side. We bring together both parties and provide for transparency through established routines. If desired, we can prepare the entire process of an investment as well as drive it. Further, we can bridge gaps in financial management on the corporate side and organize a permanent structure, either through interim management or by coaching.

We suggest hat you consider us as a trustworthy partner
if you are looking to

  • generate a convincing business plan
  • generate a refined business plan to serve as tool for both controlling and planning as well as for convincing investors
  • obtain a valuation for your business
  • obtain support for preparing and conducting investment negotiations
  • fill a gap by financial interim management or coaching